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>WHAT is open-PLAYER?

  • A video management system developed for artists, collectors, institutions, galleries and art fairs that provides unique access to digital video art in the highest quality possible (High Definition included).
  • A downloadable software application that enables users to store, playback and transfer video art across a digital network in broadcast quality. Copyright control and edition integrity of content are secured.
  • A cost effective production tool that ensures the synchronization of multi-channel video art installations.


    Multiple applications are combined into a Single All-in-one Solution:
  • ARCHIVAL DEVICE with high storage capacity for digital video art works : videos are converted and stored into all supported formats (HD, DVD, Flash , Ipod); PAL/NTSC conversion is ensured.
  • PLAYBACK of videos is realized in the highest resolution possible (HD included) . open-PLAYER offers a dynamic video playlist in sequence mode and/or interactive browsing format.
  • TRANSFER of video art files, meta-data and high resolution images is made possible across the digital network in the highest quality possible (HD included). Data protection is guaranteed for users equipped with open-PLAYER software.

    Option * : during transfer, users can pre-determine time windows of availability for viewing video (1 day, 1 week, 1 month).
    Option **: open-PLAYER makes possible simultaneous playback transmission of video content on multiple screens located worldwide.


  • open-PLAYER ensures synchronized playback for installations with more than one channel of video that are required to start at the same time. open-PLAYER's unique technology eliminates the use of DVD players. Customized devices for multiple channels ( 2-5) can be ordered upon request.


  • A team of cultural producers and technologists who have joined efforts to increase the awareness of conditions of display and distribution of video art in the best quality possible. We are also exclusive video art providers and producers with an extensive art network that give us access to mainstream and cutting edge content.